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Teaching Objectives

The course contents of 《Medical statistics》are designed for the five-year clinical students and medical postgraduate students, which are based on the teaching program by the national regulation. The contents consider the background of international students and talent requirement. It integrated the theory and practice teaching fully, arranging the teaching content multidirectionally. It embodies the modern education thought, satisfying the law of scientificalness, progress and education.

Objectives of theoretical courses :

1.basic requirements: Through theoretical teaching, we arrange the teaching content multidirectionally , in order to make the students understand and grasp the basic concepts of medical statistics, basic theory, and basic method by learning the all contents of courses.

2.professional quality requirements: Through the study of medical statistics, it can develop students' scientific thinking and inference ability, mastering basic methods and skills of medical statistics. Students will have the basic ability of research design, statistical analysis and evaluation, which can lay a good foundation for reading professional literature and doing scientific research work .

Objectives of experiment courses :

Combined with the complete content of the theoretical teaching each module, we arrange for the students to learn computer practice. Through actual case of each method, students practice   divided into module.Finally, with the guide of teachers, we encourage students to carry on the analysis to the comprehensive data in order to improve the ability of students in comprehensive application of statistical methods, do the mastery of knowledge structure and enhance the students' ability of data management, statistical analysis skills and the reasonable inference level.

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